The Man Who Fight For Stingless Bees

Protecting the bees is crucial and an effort to create stakeholders that receive direct benefits from them is one of the best ways to conserve the bees. Honey is thus, the sweetest reward can be offered. Nevertheless, the fact that Malaysian honey is trapped in the traditional market hinders the potential of the industry. This is due to quality and volume (as in production) issues.

In 2012, a highly systematic and strategic project known as KELULUNOMIC PROJECT was initiated by Dr. Mohd Zulkifli Mustafa. The initiative has since brought a stingless beekeeping field into the light, drawing attention from many interested parties. His smart approach made him the national champion that featured the bees’ conservation program on top of being honored on a postage stamp

KELULUNOMIC Project focuses on the supply chain of premium honey commercialization to help generate income to the target communities. Proved to be rewarding, this indirectly promotes the appreciation and better conducts in bees’ conservation. This will ultimately create a complete cycle that benefits both the ecology (bees & plants) and humankind.

Dr. Mohd Zulkifli Mustafa is a veterinary surgeon with a Ph.D. in brain science and serves as a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia. His earlier work on the use of honey to improve memory and learning motivated him to look for ways to optimize Malaysia’s output of high quality honey. (Gambar Dr. Z)

Under Kelulunomic Project, several innovations were introduced via the Reinventing Honey Quality (RHQ) initiative. The RHQ set out with what seems like a simple enough goal: to improve the quality and marketability of local stingless bee honey. Advancements made over the years through several innovations are targeted into providing sustainable sources of stingless bee honey with assured quality as one of the main objectives.

The success of RHQ initiative are also paired with significant awards-winning inventions namely the MUSTAFA Hive, SOP module, HILDA System, KEIFh Device and KEIFh Scales, HOPE, HITS and 17 Episode MOOC videos. To date, over 3000 farmers have been trained on the use of the guidelines to prepare them into becoming significant producers of stingless bee honey in Malaysia. The industry itself has seen to catalyze the spill-over impacts in the community with the emergence of new products, social innovations, entrepreneurship, agricultural interest and general well-being as a whole.

From the socio-economic viewpoint, the project is also expected to be able to transform the stingless bee industry into providing new job opportunities and a sustainable source of income for Malaysians, especially those from rural areas with low income.

Currently, the project has set a new supply chain for the honey industry in Malaysia. This can further support honey into becoming a new commodity for the country.

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