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The Promised Food Of Heaven As Remedy

The promised food of Heaven as remedy With all the advances in medical science and technology, we should be well-placed to fight many diseases. But the reality is we are no longer fighting the same diseases we had 20 years ago. Complicated chronic diseases, non-communicable diseases and re-emerging of infectious microbes such as superbugs need a paradigm shift in disease management. What is more, threats from unhealthy foods that are overflowing with preservatives, colorings and additives have also seen to contribute to a new era of diseases, thus requiring holistic disease prevention at the individual level.

I, myself, had lost my Dad to cancer, my mentor Bonda Dr. Norizan Isa to superbugs and Rania Afika to Leukemia. I remembered towards the end of their lives, and the hospital left with no other treatment options available. Holding fast to the promise of God that honey is a healing remedy, I searched for it, only to find it sold on the floor at night market. I next headed to the supermarket, this time, located at the kitchen shelves instead of the drug section. The situation as a whole upsets me. It was during that time that I started thinking, “Is this the way we treat a medicine from God?? The food that the Holy Quran stated to exist in Heaven?”.

I am always amazed by the roles of bees collecting nectar from the diverse floras, miraculously converted it into the precious, golden liquid, and keep it in intricately-designed honeycomb or pots that eventually serve as a remedy for humankind. However, in the grasp of human hands, honey is reputed as no more than a complementary food sold by the roadside. It was back then when I realized that our society does not appreciate honey despite its reputation as a prophetic remedy in Islam.

A famous Arabic proverb has once highlighted a pearl of medical wisdom with a quote “prevention is better than cure”. I always think that this concept should be a significant focus on disease management, considering the struggles of trying to tackle chronic diseases such as Grade IV cancers. It is also noteworthy to address the extent of infections and illnesses that cannot treat with drugs or antibiotics.

I think there is a need to completely rethink our approach and step up the related research that merges with disease prevention management. For that reason, I have chosen to dedicate my life to upholding quality honey to become a real remedy for disease prevention. BETTER.BEE.HEALTHY

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