The Bee That Changed People

Several spill-over impacts from the commercialization of the bee industry could be observed. This includes an increment in plant pollination that indirectly increases crop production. Gardening activities will enhance nectar supplies to the bees. By providing nectar and pollen as food and creating shelters in the garden space, a new habitat for bees is created, which is important, as their natural habitats become scarce nowadays. This also promotes a healthy lifestyle for the people. The clean housing area without doubt is helpful in curbing dengue cases. Fogging activities that are toxic to the bees could also be reduced in this way. Downstream products such as honey and propolis soap, bee bread or honey-based lip care, lotion, balm, hair cream and serum too help in expanding the industry. These impacts have again highlighted the project’s contribution to benefiting the ecology and socio-economy.

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