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The activities of stingless bee rearing are referred to as meliponiculture and it is a crucial activity that encourages the conservation of stingless bees and helping to reduce deforestation due to feral stingless bee colony hunting. We invented an innovative hive called Mustafa-Hive, an acronym for  Meliponiculture Using a Split-able Throne within an Air-jacketed palace For Amplification-Hive. In this system, the brood was placed into a split-able throne as a brood chamber and inserted into an air-jacketed palace as an insulation chamber. The honey cassette was used on the hive to induce a monolayer honey pot formation.

As benefits, the hive ensures colony survival via a climate-compliant system, support for colony duplication that avoids continuous feral colony hunting, the induced formation of monolayer honey pots for absolute and hygienic honey extractions, and less interference of harvester to the brood upon harvesting. Thus, the hive has a crucial impact on environmental sustainability, a standardized harvesting technique, predictable production, and easy handling, which directly promote the development of the stingless bee industry. Mustafa-hive has won several awards. It is a patent-pending system no PI 2014002146 and used internationally

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