Short form of ‘Meliponiculture Using a Split-able Throne within an air-jacketed palace for Amplification-Hive’

   An innovative hive-system which creates a suitable nesting atmosphere for the bees and offers more hygienic honey production through SOP practices.

   Made from chemical-free fried shorea wood plates

   Consists of honey cassette, brood chamber, air-jacketed insulation.

   The honey cassette induces significant yields of monolayer honey pot formations from which the honey is extracted from.

   PATENT PENDING MUSTAFA-Hive NO: 2014002146 

Dehydration Honey (HILDA System)

   Short form of ‘Honey Interlinked Dehydration and Dispenser Apparatus’ system.

   A semi-automated platform combining honey harvesting, dehydration and dispenser in a close system.

   Integrates elements of working bench, bottle drying rack and honey suction pump with honey dehydration component and dispenser unit.

   Purposely to reduce the moisture content of honey from ±32% to ±20% at a temperature below than 36ºC.

   Effectively reduce moisture content within 8 hours.

  PATENT PENDING HILDA System NO: PI 2014002146

Meliponini Integrated Locking System (MILOS)

   High security integrated locking system:

   Anti-theft from human and animals (colony or honey)

   Can use one key to lock the hive (30 hive per key)

   Anti-ant bowl:

   Avoid threat includes ant.

   Concrete foundation:

   Give stability for 3 hives on 1 MILOS

   Safe from flood

   Systematic and organized hive:

   Can give additional shading with black netting if needed using the T

   The hive can be organized with tagging system

   Beautiful and organized farm suitable for agritourism

   General protection from predators such frogs(log-climbing frogs can kill stingless bee colonies in less than 2 weeks), wild boar, monkey, and others.